About Torre

My name is Torre, and I am asking for your vote for two more years as your Mayor. I am running for office again because I seek to serve my community in these times of challenge and opportunity, and bring leadership to forge our best future. When I was elected two years ago, I knew we had a lot of work to do in the City organization, and in our community. This Council took on that work and installed a new Manager, supported organizational changes, forwarded environmental initiatives as a top tier priority, started comprehensive housing program improvements and new projects, implementing transit improvements with pedestrian priority, created new alliances for community health programs, and are attending to many other community issues. I am dedicated to this on going work, as well as navigating our community through this pandemic emergency. I ask for your support, thank you..

Why should you vote Torre for Mayor?

I came in to office almost two years ago at a time when the City had an interim Manager, had no mission or values statements, started a large City office project, approved multiple development projects, had a failed transit proposal, few environmental gains recently, and little cohesion in City staff. Eight months later, the global pandemic of Covid-19 impacted every aspect of life and changed the focus of priorities to emergency relief and stabilization efforts. It has certainly been a challenging two years, but I am honored to be a leader in this community, and I am proud of so much of the work we accomplished. I ask for your vote to continue to improve our organization, balance the fight against Covid and overall community health, and lead Aspen in a direction with community values of health, opportunity and quality of life.