Torre Mayor Elect 2019

Aspen needs a strong leader in the Mayor’s office. As that leader, I will champion Aspen’s core values, promote open communication and governance, and optimize operations in City Hall.  From my first election to City Council in 2003, I have ever since been pushing for environmental leadership, housing solutions, and community building.

I have always been an active participant in local government, registering voters and supporting social and environmental causes, and in 2001, I first ran for Mayor in Aspen. I found that the people I represented needed a voice on Council. I have been pushing for environmental leadership, housing solutions, community building, and slow growth ever since.

Two years later, I won my first seat as Aspen City Councilman(2003-2007). In that term, I was proud to help create a citywide recycling program, approve Burlingame and start land use code revision.  I was re-elected to City Council in 2009-2013, four more years of working on housing, transportation, the environment and more.

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Torre is best choice for Aspen’s mayoral seat

Aspen Times Editorial: 02/20/19
Torre is best choice for Aspen’s mayoral seatIn recent years, Aspen City Council has been struggling with communication and solid decision-making and needs a strong leader with conviction and focus. That’s why we urge voters to vote for Torre, an outsider at the moment but no stranger to Aspen politics as a former councilman for eight years. Read More

Aspen is ready for Torre as next mayor

Aspen Daily News : 02/24/19
Aspen deserves a strong and unwavering presence at the helm and a person who has an ear to the ground for the community’s needs. Torre, who brings both experience and a fresh perspective to the council table, is our choice for the next mayor of Aspen. That’s why we urge voters to vote for Torre,
Read More

My mission and vision

It’s time for better decision making through better communication, better representation, better leadership and better accountability. Vote March 5th!


While changes are happening in the organization, we must work with our current resident partners(Burlingame, Centennial, Smuggler, etc.) to maintain and improve those homes. We must also continue to uphold mitigation require-
ments for large projects. I support entry level rental units, long term, and family units.


While on Council, I helped require recycling service, banned the bag, supported the Aspen Tap program and committed to GHG reductions. We still have work to do! We should have a comprehensive compost program, waste reduction programs, energy conservation and carbon conscious planning.


I don’t believe in the ‘ride supply’, $800,000 Lyft contract, or Down towner as the solution. We need to identify the actual potential for a positive impact and target the user groups that want alternative transportation.


I have strong ideas about how to reopen the dialogue and engage our community, provide better representation and create an inclusive City Hall.


It is up to all of us to support the community that is the backbone
of this greatest resort. We need to strengthen our current housing
program, maintain local business opportunity, create early childhood
programs, mental health resources and support for the aging Aspenite.


I promise to create a more transparent City Hall, reopen dialogue and listen to
input. I say no more initiatives to nowhere, no more misleading,
inappropriate ballot questions. We want truth, honesty and more

Support List

Thank you for showing your support for housing, environment, smart growth and leadership in city hall!

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Carly Famulari
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