Torre for Mayor 2021

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Affordable Housing

I am supportive of a development that will serve hundreds of residents. My focus is on a design that maximizes density while creating a high quality of livability, mitigates location impacts and serves shorter and long term residency.

Environmental Leadership

I am promoting a new comprehensive waste management, and compost program for the downtown, continued energy efficiency programs, renewable resource development, and reducing single use items and packaging.

Local Business Opportunity

I seek to increase opportunity for locally owned, operating and serving businesses. I support land use codes, permitting, partnerships and redevelopment that forwards, fosters and creates local business opportunity.

Pedestrian Priority

Safer streets, less automobile traffic, bike and car share program support, increased transit availability, and more are all a part of putting the Aspen ethic into our streetscape. I will continue to work for a less auto dependent experience for both residents and visitors alike.


I believe we must fight both the spread of the virus, and the impacts that it is having on our community health. We must give our community the information and the tools to live safely, access assistance, get vaccinated and have the support they need for the ongoing impacts.


We are bringing on a new Executive Director for this community asset, and we are making refinements to the program guidelines and operations. We need a long term strategic plan that addresses inventory additions, maintenance and upkeep of current stock, deed restriction sunsets, and efficient and equitable program operations.